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From Coach Mike - 

"It is our goal, through our rowing team, to present a space in which we can each and all find a community of structured purpose inside the uncertainty that swirls around us. We are 90+ athletes and coaches with plans and hopes for this spring rowing season.  We are parents and families who care and support our student-athletes. We can still pursue goals, stay active, have fun, and be this team.  We need to be this: there is value here.


We are very much a still a team. We each chose this sport, this team, to be us, to be a group and an activity which we commit to for an individual and a greater purpose.  We chose this team to grow in, to learn, to be unique within ourselves, and to work together.   AAPS has suspended school, and all teams, for at least three weeks, and possibly longer.  In spite of this suspension we believe we can and will continue to pursue our purposes of a team. As coaches, and an organization, this is our responsibility to our athletes."  

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Spring season begins March 9!  Registration is now open.

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“This sport doesn’t just turn you into a rower.  It turns you into the person you were meant to be.”

Consider supporting HRA's mission to promote the sport of rowing, to encourage and support the academic achievement of our student athletes, and to provide the resources necessary to run a successful, competitive program.  

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